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Welcome to Diaconal Consulting Group.

Diaconal Consulting Group (DCG), an outreach of Diaconal Ministries, is a trusted consulting service specializing in assessing diocesan diaconal ministry based on The National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States of America (Second Edition).
We understand that compliance goes beyond meeting the USCCB guidelines; it is first and foremost an opportunity to cultivate a more effective and integrative ministry within the diocese, furthering the mission of the Church as it relates to the diaconate. In this regard, we are committed to supporting dioceses in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of diaconate program compliance within the limits of their resource.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Diaconal Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of
services designed to cater to diocesan needs and facilitate
a smooth compliance journey. These include:


  • Compliance Assessment: Through meticulous reviews and evaluations, we conduct comprehensive assessments of diocesan diaconate programs. Our in-depth analysis covers program structures, curricula, formation processes, policies, and documentation, ensuring a thorough understanding of the program's compliance status.

  • Gap Analysis and Recommendations: Leveraging our expertise, we identify gaps between current program practices and the standards set forth in the National Directory. With a keen eye for detail, we analyze the significance and impact of each gap and provide actionable recommendations for bridging them, enabling dioceses to implement necessary changes effectively.


  • Implementation Support: We go beyond assessment by offering hands-on support during the implementation of recommended changes. Our team collaborates closely with program leaders and formators, providing guidance, resources, and personalized action plans to ensure a seamless transition towards compliance excellence.


  • Customized Consulting Services: Recognizing that each diocese has unique requirements, we offer tailored consulting services to address specific challenges and complexities. Whether it's specialized training, workshops, coaching, or targeted assistance, our customized approach ensures a precise fit to the diocese's needs, fostering sustainable compliance success.

Partnering with Diaconal Consulting Group means gaining access to a trusted advisor dedicated to your diocesan diaconate program's success. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and ethical conduct throughout our engagements, respecting the sensitive nature of your program's operations and data.Join us on the path to compliance excellence and unlock the full potential of your diaconate program.

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