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The source of the Christian life is Jesus Christ and He is intimately encountered through the interior life.


The interior life is that inner place where we’re alone with ourselves. It’s the place of thought, imagination, deliberation, and choice. It’s where we dream, pray, reflect, and meditate. It’s where we discover God, ourselves, and others. It’s the inner space where truth is grasped, goodness is acquired, beauty is appreciated, and love is born.

As the title reveals, Discovering Christ the Servant opens up the interior life to the laity through an ongoing encounter with Christ the Servant. This encounter brings about an inner transformation, enabling us to become better husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors.

While the Discovering Christ the Servant can be read independantly, small faith groups provide a means to share how God speaks to us in the in the ins-and-outs of our daily life. The discussions that immerge from these groups often lead to a deeper appreciation of the interior life as it relates to the exterior life.


Group sharing, and the verbalization it entails, enables individuals in the group to recognize important details that can be missed when these reflections are kept to ourselves. Simply put, the shared reflections of the group typically provide a richer experience of how God works in our lives, and how our service to Him through others draws us into a deeper, more intimate communion with Him. 

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Discovering Christ the Servant

A Lay Spirituality of Service

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