Two Ways to Bring this Ministry to your Parish

Journey Home 

Diaconal Ministries provides two ways deacons can bring this ministry to their parish. The first involves a weekend workshop where Deacon Dominic, with the permission of the pastor, will make a series of presenations to help a select core team understand the uniqueness of the approach and the organizational tasks associates with putting on the program. This will require that a main presenter (perferably but not necessarily a deacon) be selected to whom presenatation materials will be given.

The second way Journey Home can be brought to the parish is through a series of DVDs and workbooks. This approach is particularly helpful if the parish does not have a dynamic presenter. The Program Manual describes such things as the development of the core team, marketing, hospitality and logistics enabling any parish to offer the program.  


After welcoming the participants and prayer, the DVDs are played followed by a break and small group discussion as laid out in the Participants Handbook. This second way of presenting the program is in development and is expected to be available in the late summer of 2019.

   DVDs and Workbooks Available Summer 2020   

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