Convocations & Workshops

Whenever deacons are asked to explain what the diaconate is, they often respond by describing the ministerial functions. While in a certain sense this is true, the response hides as much as it reveals. It also begs the question: if deacons do many of the same functions as priests albeit less, and if the pastor is already doing these functions, why do we need deacons?


This functional approach reduces the deacon to a "glorified altar boy" or a "junior priest" losing in the reduction the distinctive nature of his sacred office and with it the witness of Christ the Servant.

Through the use of Pope John Paul II's Personalism and his Theology of the Body, Deacon Dominic has put together presentations and workshops designed to ground the diaconate in the person of Christ the Servant. In this regard, sacred ecclesial service is not merely something the deacon does, but rather someone he gives, his very self. This contextualizes diaconal ministry as an interplay between divine and human love. Understood this way, Deacon Dominic explains that, following the example of Christ the Servant, diaconal ministry is, "a salvific gift-of-self that wills the good of another for the sake of the other."


Though a theologian, Deacon Dominic's explanations and examples are deeply rooted in his pastoral ministry and applicable across a wide range of topics. Combining measured humor with rich illustrations, he is both theological and yet practical demonstrating that, in Catholic ministry, there is no dichotomy between the two.

Diaconal Identity

Service as a Gift-of-Self

Deacon Dominic is available for simple presentations or weekend/weekday workshops. He can provide either his standard talks or, should the host diocese prefer, a talk on a specific issue.

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