Journey Home 

There is a yearning in every human heart for God. This yearning, even in those who are far from Him, provokes a search which for some is easy and other difficult. Journey Home is a unique parish-based program designed for inactive Catholics who are thinking about returning to the Church. It is specifically designed to make their search easier through an unfolding of biblical and Church teaching presented in charity, fidelity, joy and relevance.   

A Parish-Based Program for Inactive Catholics

Seeking to Return to Christ and His Church

The Program Consists of Ten Sessions

  1.  General Introduction and God's Mercy

  2.  Sharing Faith Stories

  3.  The Church and Vatican II

  4.  The Eucharist

  5.  The Mass Explained

  6.  Marriage Divorce and Annulment

  7.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation 

  8.  Mary and the Saints

  9.  Prayer and Devotions

  10.  Celebration Dinner

A Truely Diaconal Ministry

The tradition has understood the architecture of the Church to be tripartite: sanctuary, nave, and narthex. The sanctuary represents heaven, the nave represents the ark of the Church, and the narthex represents the world. The narthex is the threshold between sacred and profane, which meet in the nave like a freshwater river mingles with the saltwater sea. From the throne of Christ comes the river of liturgy, we are told in the book of Revelation, and this river flows outward into the great ocean of life. 

The deacon's special arena of ministry is the narthex, which is the membrane between Church and world. He stands with one foot in the sacred and one foot in the profane, ushering Christians into the sacred and accompanying Christians back out into the profane.

Dr. David Fagerberg, Ph.D.
Professor of Liturgical Studies
University of Notre Dame


He rides that river of liturgy from the altar to the street outside, which he serves by rubbing shoulders with the People of God in their secular life. 

Journey Home Enables Deacons to Move into the 

Narthex Bring Inactive Catholics to the Sanctuary

Journey Home provides a number of thought provoking sessions that enable inactive  Catholics  to  understand  their faith more clearly. As they explore the teachings of the Church, they come to better realize the relevancy of their faith to everyday life. They are drawn ever-deeper into the mystery of Christ discovering anew the meaning and purpose of their lives and that, inspite of themselves, they are loved with an everlasting love.


The goal of Journey Home is to put inactive Catholics not only in touch with, but in intimate communion with Jesus Christ.  

Whether the program is run by a deacon or simply brought to the parish by a deacon, Journey Home allows the deacon to exercise his ministry by reaching into the narthex, into the world, and drawing them to the santuary, to the altar, to Jesus Christ.