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Growing Closer to Christ the Servant
The diaconate possesses a spirituality distinctively its own. Deacon Dominic explores what makes diaconal spirituality unique, and how the interior life is the source of the deacon's diaconate. 
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Encountering Christ the Servant penetrates the heart of diaconal spirituality like no other work before it. Rooted in the ordained deacon’s intimate participation in divine love and cultivated by a rich interior life that enlivens his ministry, Deacon Cerrato elevates and advances the understanding of deacons as a living icons of Christ the Servant. This book, which shines on a bright light on the spiritual life of the deacon, is truly a gift to the entire Church! – Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. 
I am deeply grateful to my colleague Deacon Dominic Cerrato for setting himself the task of describing the beautiful spirit that deacons share across the centuries. His work, expressed in this book in his churchmanship, is an important contribution to the retrieval and renewal still happening in the Church. We are all beneficiaries. 
– Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D.
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In this book, Deacon Dominic provides a fresh way of looking at the diaconate based on his personal experience, unique theological reflection, and a spirituality centered on Christ, the Servant.  His insights are worthy of contemplation by the laity and priests.
Most Reverend Shawn McKnight