Presentation on Diabolical Activity and the Church

Our society seems fixated on the diabolical. More and more movies, television shows, music and video games focus on such things as demons, vampires and zombies. These programs often glamorize the occult in a way that desensitized viewers to the real dangers; often portraying religion as ineffective superstition. This masked approach makes a perfect cover for Satan and his demons in their primal quest to undermine God's plan of salvation in Christ Jesus. 


In the exercise of his diaconal ministry, Deacon Cerrato came in contact with a possessed boy. This rather frightening event inspired him to better understand the phenomena of diabolical activity and the Church's response. With the authorization of his bishop, he attended the Course on Exorcism and Prayers of Deliverence at the Pontifical Athaneum Regina Apostolorum in Rome.  Although he is not active in deliverance ministry, Deacon  Cerrato  has  felt  called  to  bring
clairty and context to his brother deacons
and the laity.

Deacon Cerrato's presentation centers on diabolical activity in light of the mystery of salvation. Here, he contextualizes the minis-tries of deliverance and exorcism within the context of the Church's mission such that it stands within the wider framework of her pastoral activity. Such an approach sees the Church's role in combating dia-bolical activity as first a foremost Christ's triumph over sin and death. It is ultimately Jesus who is the Chief Exorcist and it is He who, through the ministry of the local bishop and his appointed exorcist, frees the victim from demonic forces. 

Deacon Dominic Cerrato and Fr. Caesare Truqui, LC, host of the Course on Exorcism and Prayers of Deliverence.  Fr. Truqui is an exorcist working in Switzerland.

One good sacramental confession is worth more than 1000 exorcisms 

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